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Founded in February 1996 by Mr. Felipe Islas Valero, having extensive experience in the sale, design, construction and operation of Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants. Mr. Islas has been an integral part of this project from the beginning and has worked diligently to ensure the suitability of the equipment for this application.


We are a water treatment and wastewater recycling company with an outstanding track record and reputation for quality. This quality and our attention to detail have been responsible for our substantial and steady growth since our founding.


With the experience of our team in the areas of water treatment and through the application of technology and experience, we have set ourselves the goal of designing water treatment systems for processes, wastewater, recycling systems, in addition to producing equipment and high-quality components, install them according to plans, achieve a successful start-up, manage the continuous process and fulfill the desired production operations guaranteeing customer satisfaction.


We have a multidisciplinary team of engineers, technicians, and administrative personnel that serve dozens of clients. We have carried out more than 300 projects in our history. We have various projects in industries such as pulp and paper, automotive, energy, electronics, food and beverages, breweries, textiles, chemicals and petrochemicals. Through EPC companies we have designed and executed large projects in PEMEX and CFE.


Due to customers' need to treat large volumes of water and substantial investment in large plants, it is imperative that we achieve anticipated treatment quality and consistent flow rates early. Realizing this, we take extra steps during the design and engineering phases to ensure that not only are the overall goals of the project met, but the future performance of the equipment is also ensured.


Improvements in technologies have helped fuel the growth of our company. We believe and continue to demonstrate that the use of state-of-the-art technology will bring savings and differentiate our company from the competition. Offering the most efficient technology for each case is our goal in each project. To achieve this goal, it is essential that strong technical support with high-quality engineering and efficient designs be incorporated into all aspects of the water treatment system.


As an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), we have the ability to manufacture most systems and individual system components that are installed for our customers.


Arrive on time in all aspects of the development of the project and meet the expectations of our client in every way.


Selecting the best technology for each specific application, offering great service and developing long-term relationships with both our customers and our suppliers. For this, it has been very important for us to have a complete knowledge of the best technologies and engineering tools on the market.


Maintain a strong and motivated multidisciplinary team to offer great service and maintain lasting relationships with customers and our suppliers.


Our mission is to serve our industrial and municipal clients in a special way by offering high quality and fair prices in our equipment, engineering and water treatment services. Offer our clients the most precise and efficient solutions related to process water, wastewater, wastewater recycling systems, zero discharge of liquids and desalination. All this to participate in having a better and more sustainable world.


Our vision is to contribute to the global environment and to be a world leading company offering the most efficient solutions along with a fair price for water treatment needs in the following field: process water, desalination systems, wastewater, water recycling waste, and zero liquid discharge.


Within AQUAPRO we follow values that can lead us to work in a harmonious environment with the aim of achieving excellent performance in our activities and product.


Our values to follow are:


  • Teamwork:   We work as a team and we understand that each one of us is fundamental to achieving goals.

  • Humility:   We recognize our mistakes and learn from them, we also recognize.

  • Courtesy:  We appreciate it when someone congratulates us on recognition of achievements.

  • Honesty and ethics:   We work ethically; We speak truthfully and honestly.

  • Responsibility:  We work respecting goals, deadlines and quality.

  • Loyalty:  We are loyal to the company and customers, we respect their name.

  • Initiative:  We believe in ourselves, we have new ideas and we are aware of the initiative to improve our work and the performance of the company.

  • Self improvement :  We seek perfection.

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